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Dave Toran: I feel like a new man!

In late 2009, I was suffering with high blood pressure, diabetes and joint pains and was on a number of medications for these ailments. Joe, my friend and co-worker, insisted that I call Ron and Glenda for prayer. They spoke with me on the phone, affirming my salvation and leading me through some prayers. In the next few minutes, the most intense pain behind one of my knees was gone!

Joe, standing across the room from me, could see the change in my expression! Ron sensed that I needed better circulation and asked if I was over-weight. We simply discussed the benefits of eating a healthier diet, just as the Lord intended for us. After the call, Joe further encouraged me to give up the starchy foods. In less than 6 months, I am thrilled to say that I have lost over 50 lbs and have been able to stop taking all the medications. I am feeling great! Another blessing to me is that my adult daughter followed me in my new style of eating, greatly improving her health, as well. I am praising the Lord for all the changes in my life which go beyond my physical condition. What an awesome God we serve!

David Toran

Cleveland, TX