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Life Transformed: Painting "Golden Seeds"

Life Transformed: Painting "Golden Seeds"

I first saw Ron and Glenda on the Sid Roth Show and I got very interested in contacting them to see if Ron could do something for my condition. I have suffered with anemia from endometriosis, anxiety, UTI’s and some stomach issues. The experience of speaking with both Ron and Glenda was wonderful. I was thrilled at how accurate Ron was concerning my life and health problems. Since our session I have had no more problems with anemia, endometriosis or UTI’s.

The day Ron and Glenda prayed for me, afterwards I took a nap and when I awoke and my eyes were open my bedroom was filled with the most beautiful fuchsia colored sky containing a rainbow in the distance and a beautiful flower that bloomed above me – I was sure that it was real enough for anyone to see and had to ask my husband but he said he could see nothing. It lasted for about 4 to 5 minutes. I can’t explain what or why but it was beautiful and so I receive it as a gift of God as a result from our faith in prayer and healing. Since then I have seen small traces of that fuchsia color upon waking and am reminded of how wonderful God is and what a beautiful life. This experience has been life transforming!

Debbie Hanks, Spokane, WA