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Moving Forward

Moving Forward

January 14 will mark ten months since Ron left this earth for the final time. I continue to balance feelings of loss for me and joy for Ron. I begin by saying that I am very sorry when I have missed opportunities to comfort others in their own grief. Despite having the scripture at hand and good intentions, I lacked the very words to say. I’m finding now that a hug goes a long way. No words needed.

Ron never questioned “why me?” with a downturned face, but “why, me?” with an expression of awe and wonder. Ron leaves with a trail of testimonies to the goodness and grace of God. His own advice is to let go of whatever would weigh us down.

I attended a Christian grief share meeting recently, especially focusing on how to cope through the holidays. The counselor on the video poignantly stated that those who have had to say good-bye to a loved one do not need to feel guilty to move forward with their lives. In moving forward, we bring everything with us. Nothing is left behind.

With the release of my new book, Heaven is Real . . . The Rest of the Story, our website, rgministries.org remains. Ron’s broad smile and incredible testimony are there to enjoy. We will reflect on Ron’s winning and, at times, mischievous personality as well as his unique giftings. I am confident that Ron fulfilled his destiny and that he is enjoying peace beyond our comprehension. Let us not forget that we will be reunited for all eternity! God and Ron give me permission to move forward.