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Spanish Translation Foreword/Prefacio for "Heaven is Real"

Pastor Hector Santos has completed the Spanish translation of our book. Furthermore, he has written his own "Prefacio," his introduction to the book, which we are blessed to post here, in English.


I’ll never forget the way I was drawn to the story of Ron Pettey, broadcast internationally on Sid Roth’s weekly TV program called “It’s Supernatural.” Awestruck with the power of Ron’s true-life testimony, I learned he had actually died during a medical procedure, gone to heaven and then returned to share his experiences with us! Moments later, I heard myself saying, “The Hispanic community needs to hear this story!” and I knew what I had to do.

I contacted the Pettey family, introduced myself, and offered my services to translate the book you now hold in your hands into Spanish. Speaking with Ron’s wife, Glenda, on the phone, I felt a strong confirmation in my spirit that this was God’s assignment for me. Shortly after our first conversation, the Petteys gave me the go-ahead and I was filled with joy!

As I worked on the Spanish translation, this feeling of joy and excitement grew stronger each day. The Spirit revealed to me the great numbers of people He wanted to bless through Ron’s miraculous experiences. One specific day, I could contain that joy no longer and emailed Ron and Glenda to tell them the incredible anointing God had placed upon on this book to reach the lost in the Hispanic community.

Dear Reader, I want you to know that God has a special message for you in the book you’re about to read. Your finding this book is no accident. Open your heart to all that He wants to do in your life through this amazing, real-life story. Get several copies, give them to unsaved loved ones and friends, and have them read it too. The harvest is ready, and the Lord of the harvest has sent us yet another powerful tool to present Him and His infinite love to a dying world. Let’s be His happy messengers!

Pastor Héctor Santos

Rochester, New York