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Excerpts from Heaven is Real . . . The Rest of the Story

The Power of Prayer

“More at ease now, I noticed a low hum of voices, sounding like an auditorium filled with people. Able to hear the hum but not able to distinguish any particular conversation, I asked, “What is all this noise?” Apparently thinking my question odd, the bookkeeper returned, “Don't you know? These are all the intercessory prayers coming up on your behalf!”


“Jesus made eye contact with me and spoke two words: ‘Remember This.’ I was overwhelmed and honored beyond measure that He would speak to me! Yet I was puzzled at what He wanted me to remember... Years later, The Lord helped me to understand the wonder of what He had spoken. By the power of those two words, He implanted details of the heavenly encounter so completely into my memory I would never forget, even though my physical memory would be impaired for years to come.”

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His Guardian Angel

“The angel who had escorted me from heaven stayed to the right foot of my bed in the intensive care ward. I soon realized he was guardian angel. What a constant source of encouragement and comfort he was. His smile was like no other. It was truly ear-to-ear, but it was also heavenly, full of the Father’s love...and Jesus Christ, Himself!”

My Angel called me by name and said, “Ron, be slow in sharing your testimony.” “SLOW!” I thought, “How can I be slow?” I want to climb atop the highest building in Houston with a megaphone and shout Heaven Is Real! Put your life in order!”

Spiritual Gifts

Following Ron's surgery in 1982, for Ron and me the supernatural gradually became more natural, though never taken for granted. For Ron, it began with the very uncomfortable vision of seeing people in church either glowing with a bright light or covered in a dark shadow. Later, Ron would see an identical-looking man alongside a speaker at an event. The twin was the guardian angel. Then, following prophetic utterances that Ron had a gift of healing, a church member came for prayer. Ron pointed to her heart, noticing that the rhythm seemed off. "Ron, you're seeing it?" "Yes," he stated, as if it were normal. Shocking was my reaction!

The gift of seeing developed into a supernatural MRI/X-ray ability.

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